It is no doubt that the Covid-19 global pandemic has increased demand and need to work from home. Organizations were scrambling to order laptops, configure VPNs to their office, build terminal servers, etc.

Microsoft released a new product on August 2, 2021 to make working remote easier called Windows 365.

Windows 365 allows IT professionals to provision an online desktop by simply adding a license in the Office 365 admin center to the user and then the user is able to login via a web browser, a remote desktop client from any computer in the world, or even their phone or tablet and use it like a regular workstation.

IT professionals can also setup policies through Intune (Microsoft’s mobile device management) to automatically install certain software, or abide by certain security policies like group policy.

The price point is also extremely reasonable to compete with Amazon workspace and make it way more desirable than Azure Virtual Desktops as you can provision a workstation with 2 vCPU, 8 GB, 128 GB for only $45/month.

The only caveat that we have come across is that Windows 365 does require a domain controller to provision the workstations. This can be easily, and affordably be built as a virtual machine in Azure.

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