What Is A Hosted Private Cloud?

A private cloud is the model of cloud computing that requires a distinct and secure cloud environment which only your organization may operate. This model still has the flexibility benefits as the other types of cloud computing, but is has increased control and privacy because it is only accessible by a single organization.

Our data center hosts servers that can be used for production, disaster recovery or remote backups.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hosted Private Cloud?

  • Increased Security and Privacy – Private clouds are the most secure cloud solution option. Your organization’s data will be protected by access restriction from your organization’s firewall.
  • Advanced Disaster Recovery – Like all cloud solutions, cloud storage can be used as a backup plan since your files will be stored at a remote location.
  • Optimized IT costs – Cloud storage is flexible so you are only paying for the amount of storage used. You can also free up some hardware and energy costs.
  • More Control – Since the private cloud will only be accessible by your organization, you have more ability to configure and manage your IT environment and resources.
  • Improved Reliability – Creating virtualized operating environments decreases the risk of individual failures across the physical infrastructure.