Remote Network Monitoring

When your network goes down, business is disrupted and it is hard to work. At Akuwa, we provide proactive network administration and monitoring services to maximize uptime and optimal performance for your organization. Each engineer and technician at Akuwa has a third monitor on their desk, along with multiple TV’s around the office, dedicated to displaying the status of our monitoring customer’s network and hardware. We keep a close eye on your entire network infrastructure to ensure that all of the key components are operating correctly. Our proactive IT monitoring and support allows your organization to run efficiently and stay ahead potential issues before they affect your business operations.

The core of our remote network monitoring service is a subtle, yet powerful, sentinel that scans your network around the clock. Our remote network monitoring tools report any abnormalities in your infrastructure, such as stopped critical Windows services, failed backups, disk space, server hard drive warnings, anti-virus updates and threats, and much more. This way we can quickly address issues before they are critical and a risk to your organization. We can monitor and maintain your network so you can focus on growing your business.