What Is A Virtual CIO Or Virtual CTO?

Virtual Chief Information Officer services and Virtual Chief Technology Officer services are consulting services designed to help give small and medium businesses (SMBs) a strategic advantage. A Virtual CIO will help keep your IT department aligned with the overall plan of your organization. A virtual CTO is responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining all of the aspects of the IT infrastructure and ensuring that all systems are functioning with optimal performance and reliability.

Does My Company Need A Virtual CIO/CTO?

If your company is not large enough to hire a CIO or CTO, or if you are not sure how a CIO or CTO fits in your organization, then chances are you need an experienced CIO or CTO to help manage your IT department. Our Virtual Officers offer decades of experience and they will advise and find solutions that compliment your business plan.

Why Are Virtual CIO/CTO Services Important?

Business strategies and tactical oversight are incomplete without a CIO or CTO. Our experienced Virtual Officers will provide an effective solution to fill your organization’s IT service void. We understand that not every company can fill this position due to budget restraints, but a CIO and CTO are essential in providing budgets, planning, updates, compliance auditing, and more.