What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Chris Hazelwood, CFO

Physicians Independent Management Services, Inc.

With the expert guidance and knowledge of the team at Akuwa Solutions, we have saved a significant amount of money, reduced ongoing expenditures and implemented a bullet proof disaster recovery plan. Akuwa has facilitated great advances in all aspects of our corporate network infrastructure. We have fully aligned ourselves with the highest of industry standards and reliability

Data Center Efficiency: With the consolidation of 24 physical servers down to seven, the power consumption to the data center has decreased by 71% for applied power and 60% for cooling requirements. This is a very real cost savings of approximately $4,400.00 per year. In addition the maintenance costs of warranties for each physical server have decreased by roughly $10,450.00 per year. PIMS Virtualization project was accomplished in its entirety utilizing the company’s existing HP Server hardware. The cost savings of leveraging the existing hardware vs. purchasing new hardware is estimated in excess of $133,000.00. Consolidated all servers, switching, wiring, phone systems and internet to a ‘seamless and secure’ physical rack and wiring management enclosure infrastructure, which has further reduced cooling and power costs in the data center. Implemented Microsoft’s RDS system for secure end user and customer remote access to PIMS production resources. The choice to utilize Microsoft’s RDS system over comparable Citrix Systems resulted in an estimated cost savings of between $19,000 and $35,000 per year (based upon 100 users and a Citrix renewal pricing schedule). Installation of a full 48 port Gigabit network ‘core’ to infrastructure. All servers now communicate with the users, printers, internet, web, email at approximately 10x previous speeds. Implemented the newest Barracuda Email archive system, ensuring full record keeping for all corporate email. Including all incoming, outgoing and inter-office email. Regardless if the email is lost or deleted at the individual email boxes.

Disaster Recovery – Microsoft 2010 Data Protection Manager (DPM): Microsoft’s upgraded data protection manager server allows PIMS to backup all virtual guest servers multiple times a day, fully and intact, while in production, with no impact to the end users. The system offers the ability to restore whole servers as well as individual files and folders directly from its data storage. Currently a second 2010 DPM server is co-located with GTE at an off-site Disaster Recovery (DR) Site. Full replication of all production servers and data is accomplished twice daily, to the off-site faculty. Working with Chuck and his team of Engineers at Akuwa has improved my bottom line, increased efficiency and given me peace of mind. Now I am 100% positive that we can recover from any type of catastrophic event quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Akuwa Solutions Group for all your I.T needs.

IMAP, Inc. 

IMAP – Global Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory. Formed in 1973, IMAP is the world’s most well-established organization of leading merger and acquisition advisory firms

I.T. Goals: Relocation of Corporate Headquarter’s Data Center in Sarasota, Fl. to Istanbul, Turkey with minimal business interruption

Issues: Corporate servers would take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to clear customs

Solution: Virtualization of Corporate I.T. Infrastructure onto a laptop that can be brought on an airplane in order to clear customs at the airport. Critical Business data placed on external hard drives

The Bottom Line: Corporate servers would take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to clear customs. No interruption of business in the transition period.