IT Help Desk

Based out of Sarasota, Florida, our IT Help Desk is staffed with experienced engineers and technicians. Our company strives to provide immediate IT support and solutions to our customers via email or phone. To improve speed and efficiency, each Akuwa Help Desk engineer is equipped with multiple monitors on their desk. This way, they will have multiple monitors to assist the customer, and another that displays real-time network monitoring details for each of our customers.

When a customer calls or emails our Help Desk, the customer will always speak to an engineer that is ready to assist them right away. We do not rely on call centers, answering services, or a receptionist. Instead, we try to pair the customer and issue with an engineer that is most capable of handling the situation and finding a solution. When tickets are created, we closely monitor their progress so we can keep our customers satisfied with periodic updates. We also maintain records of how long it takes to resolve every IT support request and customer satisfaction so that we can keep aspiring to be better than the day before.

Ready to outsource your IT help desk to the experts?

To reach us, please email or call us at (941) 343-9947.