Almost every day you read about new cyberattacks on computer networks of major businesses all across the world, and they are not slowing down. Your business, as much as we hate to tell you, is not safe. Osterman Research, a market research company, surveyed more 1000 small and medium businesses(SMBs), and they found some alarming information about the state of ransomware among SMBs:

  • 81% of businesses experienced a cyberattack.
  • 35% were victims of ransomware.
  • 50% of companies that were victims of ransomware had to pay $1000 or less
  • 90% of infections resulted in more than one hour of downtime

The best protection against ransomware is prevention. Here are four things you can do to prevent ransomware from harming your business:

  1. Patch your system
    Keep your browsers and other software applications up-to-date. These updates to your applications make it harder for hackers to enter the system. By patching your systems in a timely manner, you are staying one step ahead of hackers.
  1. Educate users
    Social engineering is the most popular method ransomware gets on to computer networks. Educating users on how to detect suspicious websites, phishing emails, and other scams is key to preventative measures.
  1. Back up files
    Make sure that you have copies of your data and store them in a secure and offsite location. In doing so, if you happen to go down
  1. Invest in a multi-step Security system
    Having multiple layers of security for your computer systems can detect and block ransomware attacks.

We understand that establishing security for your computer systems can be challenge and difficult as it is without the threat of malware. Here at Akuwa, we are here to help you whether you need some help establishing your IT infrastructure, security audit, penetration testing or anything else. Contact us today about a free network assessment.